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Tafa’s poems are a testament, engraved by nails and language (just as the great Greek poet Jergos Seferis engraved his poems) from life, from the land of Kosovo, but applying to all countries and peoples. In Lulzim Tafa’s poetry, the darkened freedom speaks, a powerful geyser pouring out from the poet’s heart. These poems are a call from the deep space where it lives, and which is iconic and archetypal at the same time. They are a faithful and safe guardian of iconic acts, conveyed by Tafa onto his time. This poet, the preacher of hope, carries the sun through the darkness of time. This is how I saw all this while reading his poetry. Such privileges and honors do not happen frequently. This introductory word of mine is a modest gift to Tafa, to his poetry and to the overall Albanian poetry, which, I’m sure it will be a great European and world discovery
He was born on 2nd February 1970 in Lipjan near Prishtina, the capital city of the Republic of Kosova. He completed his primary and secondary education in his birthplace, in Lipjan… Read More