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Lulzim Tafa brings to the poetic experience of Kosovo and contemporary Albanian literature a distinctive, postmodern, meticulous spirit – from parody to quakes of the traditional that are equally important to all literatures that have reached maturity. Lulzim Tafa is a poet who is not afraid of anything, his “battlefield” is the language, and as we know, poets are unbeatable … the poet, Lulzim Tafa is truly a bold, talented, but at the same time disinclined to folkloric mythomania which always attacks the poems of some Balkan peoples. As for Tafa, just as for all great poets, poetry is “the miracle of the world and the power of gods” in face of which everything sinks to oblivion.”

He was born on 2nd February 1970 in Lipjan near Prishtina, the capital city of the Republic of Kosova. He completed his primary and secondary education in his birthplace, in Lipjan… Read More